Director’s Message

Dear loving Teachers, Parents, Students and Well Wishers

I deem it as my privilege to introduce to you the Sacred heart Senior Secondary School, BRS Nagar, Ludhiana. This educational institution is owned and operated by the Catholic Diocesan Board of Education of Jalandhar, a registered Religious Minority Charitable Society with its head office at Jalandhar, Punjab, India. For its positive credit and popular credibility, this Society runs more than a hundred such schools both in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. In BRS Nagar we have a vast and beautiful eco- friendly school campus spread over eight and a half acres of land, in the heart of Ludhiana city on Ferozepur Road. The Sacred Heart School has provided all the modern facilities for a child to learn and get enlightened so as to prosper high in life.

Education has changed in its concept and dimensions in the modern times. The total and integral development of a student is the target. The world is heading towards a global transformation in education challenging us to provide a dynamic digital infrastructural system for the students and to promote their experiments with the cyber world of today. Accordingly we need to introspect into the existing mechanisms, methodologies, and technologies of education and replace them, if needed, with innovative and effective programs.

The management of Sacred Heart has implemented such timely renovations thoroughly in the school so as to form the students as impeccable leaders for the future. We have introduced various strategies of formation, information and transformation in order to equip them with skills and courage to encounter the challenges of the time. Each student is encouraged to navigate and explore new avenues in science and technology according to each one's potential so as to contribute and participate in the progress and development of the world. The school takes special attention to the overall development of every student so that they become competent to compete with any challenge in life. Hence they become emotionally mature, intellectually efficient and spiritually upright in life in order to remove the prevailing corruption and injustice in the society today. Every Sacred-Heartian is trained to take up any responsibility which the world entrust them to fulfill, to be a part of the global society.

Our ambition is to contribute good education for the overall development of a child, strongly holding on to high value system insisting responsibility with accountability, self-confidence with emotional maturity, aggressive ambitions with social sensitivity, and a determinate attitude to contribute to the progress of the world. Provisions are made available in the school to facilitate skill based orientation for students through the ability and good will of qualified, effective, creative, and experienced teachers to develop self confidence and responsibility in students.

Sacred Heart is a home of God’s Love where all children are transformed to feel themselves to be important and respectful in the society without any discrimination whatsoever. Their uniqueness you will notice in holding on to exceptional values and principles in life. They prove themselves to be an assurance and hope to their parents, a great asset to the world at large and special pride to their alma mater with a real difference.

Fr. John Mankuzhichalil