It is a blend of not only the subject matter but also the co-curricular activities, all aiming towards the development of complete individuals who can face the challenges of everyday life with enthusiasm, thus providing to be useful tools in the upliftment of the society. All the faculty members target on widening the horizons of the young brains so as to attune them for further learning and understanding of the concepts which play a significant role in the ultimate selection of their career. Visual and Performing Arts help in developing the aesthetic sensibility whereas activities in sports tone up the physique of the children.

Teaching Methodology

A well planned, purposeful and effective methodology is followed through:

  • Smart Class.
  • Weekly Class Tests.
  • Regular Assignments.
  • On-line guidance through Educomp Smart Class.
  • Mind Stimulating Projects.
  • Extra- Guidance classes to take care of students with special needs.
  • Aptitude testing for senior classes.
  • Use of multimedia and projects for enhanced learning atmosphere.

K.G. Curriculum:

  • Language Development :
    Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing
  • Cognitive Development :
    Mathematics, Environment Studies
  • Creative and Expressive Arts :
    Art and Craft, Music, dance
  • Physical Development :
    Physical Education, Health Education
  • Good Social Habits
  • Value Education

II - X Curriculum

As per the regulations laid down by CBSE for Yearly Examination, our school curriculum is designed to provide academic challenge within a stimulating and exciting environment. The assessment structure comprises of two terms- Term-I & Term-II, in which each subject is evaluated for 100 marks. Each term includes internal assessment for 20 marks (Periodic Test (10M) + Subject Enrichment (5M) + Notebook Maintenance (5M) ) and Written Test for 80 Marks.

For Yearly Exam, Periodic Test marks will be calculated by taking average of the best two tests out of three written exams conducted i.e. Periodic Test-I, Half-Yearly and Periodic Test-II.

XI - XII Curriculum

Courses of Study For Senior Secondary Classes
NON-MEDICAL English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Optional Subject
MEDICAL English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Optional Subject
COMMERCE English, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Optional Subject
HUMANITIES English, Political Science, Economics/Hindustani Vocal Music, Geography/Hindustani Vocal Music, Optional Subject
OPTIONAL SUBJECTS (any one of the following)
Fine Arts, Biotechnology, Informatics Practices, Physical Education, Additional Mathematics, Psychology, Hindustani Vocal Music.