Love, Care, Efficiency, Responsibility, Dedication – the hallmark of a ‘Sacred Heart Teacher’

A team of highly devoted and qualified staff, apart from providing academic knowledge, also ensures an overall development of a student. The teachers aim to preserve and enhance the highest standards of excellence and to prepare the generations for the challenging times ahead.

Kindergarten Staff
S. no Name Qualification
1 Mrs. Mariam B.A, B.Ed
2 Mrs. Parveen Sharma B.A, B.Ed.
3 Mrs. Edith Newton B.A, B.Ed
4 Mrs. Reeta Sandhu B.A, B.Ed
5 Mrs. Thresiamma B.A, B.Ed
6 Ms. Sureshta Khurana M.A, B.Ed., N.T.T.
7 Mrs. Ravinderjit Kaur M.A Fine Arts
8 Mrs. Kanwaljit Kaur B.Sc., N.T.T.
9 Mrs. Mandeep Kaur M.Sc., N.T.T
10 Mrs. Sapna Arora M.A, P.T.T
11 Mrs. Neetu Kataria B.Com, P.T.T
12 Mrs. Ravinder Kaur Chhabra B.Com, N.T.T
13 Mrs. Harleen M. Singh M.A. B.Ed.
14 Mrs. Sunaina N.T.T, B.A, B.Ed.
15 Mrs. Simran Kaur M.A. Fine Arts.
16 Mrs. Sonia Gupta M.Com. , B.Ed.
17 Mrs. Maninder Garg M.A., B.Ed. PGDCA
18 Ms. Mehak Munjal M.A. (Dance)
19 Ms. Meera Chaudhary M.A.(Fine Arts)
20 Sr. Divya M.A, B.Ed.
21 Mrs. Jasdeep Kaur B.Sc, M.Sc, N.T.T
22 Ms. Nitasha William B.Tech, B.Ed.
23 Mrs. Bindu Jain B.Sc, B.Ed.
24 Ms. Praveen Kangniwal M.A., B.Ed.
25 Mrs. Hardeep Kaur Sidhu B.A.,NTT
26 Mrs. Ganita Bali B.A., NTT
27 Mrs. Sudha Sharma M.Sc., B.Ed.
28 Mrs. Puja Sethi B.Com, NTT
29 Mrs. Jyoti David NTT
30 Mrs. Sheetal Sharma M.Lib., NTT
30 Mrs. Karamjit Kaur M.A., B.P.Ed.
Primary Staff
Secondary Staff
Senior Secondary Staff
Admin Staff
Lab Assistants