Evaluation System

It is our belief that evaluation should act as a positive input for improving the teaching learning process and not as a deterrent. The report card of evaluation should reflect not only the scholastic aspects of the learner, but also life skills acquisition, personality attributes, behaviour, interests, attitudes, values and proficiency in indoor as well as outdoor co-curricular activities. It should facilitate in unraveling talent and reflect the true picture of the growth and profile of a young learner.

Nursery to U.K.G.

  • Assessment – both oral and written is carried out continuously during the session and made fun filled and meaningful without burden. Assessments are conducted in the month of – May, September, December and March.
  • No separate date-sheet is provided in the K.G. Classes to give stress-free atmosphere to the students.

Classes II-X

Moving as per the guidelines of CBSE, absorbing the spirit of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation [CCE] in word and essence, the main objective of the institution ‘Learn and Enlighten’ is totally enthused in the curriculum.

Division Of Academic Session

The academic session is divided into two terms, Term1 and Term2. Each term has two Formative Assessments[FAs] and one Summative Assessment[SAs]. The weight age of each is as follows:

TERM1 APR-SEP FA-1 : 10%
FA-2 : 10%
SA-1 : 30%
50% 100%
TERM2 OCT-MAR FA-3 : 10%
FA-4 : 10%
SA-2 : 30%
50% 100%

Grading System for Scholastic –A

The student’s performance shall be assessed using conventional method of numerical marking in English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, EVS and Third Language.
Each assessment will be indicated in grades.

The grading scale will be on a nine point scale as per table below:-

91-100 A1 10
81-90 A2 9
71-80 B1 8
61-70 B2 7
51-60 C1 6
41-50 C2 5
33-40 D 4
21-32 E1 ---
20 & below E2 ---

Class XI

  • Two major examinations at the end of each term are conducted in September and March.
  • May Test and December Test are conducted in the respective months.

Class XII

  • Two major examinations – one in the month of September and December followed by Preboards in January.
  • May Test and December Test are conducted in the respective months.

Before May and December Tests and Terminal exams one cycle of weekly tests of each subject is completed.
Regular class tests are taken in each subject after the completion of a chapter.

Academic Awards

  • Full Attendance Awards.
  • CGPA 10 Achievers.
  • Stream-wise Toppers of Class XII.
  • Subject-wise Toppers of Class XII.
  • Class-wise Toppers of Class XI.

Promotion Scheme

For Classes I-X

  • A candidate must obtain a minimum of Grade D in all the subjects under Scholastic areas as per scheme of Studies for promotion to next class.

For Class XII

  • Regularity in attendance.
  • Regularity and quality of day to day participation in the class.
  • Opinion of teachers teaching in the class.
  • Written work and projects assigned by the teachers.
  • Performance in the unit tests and terminal examination.